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When Proodos was starting, we decided to develop a small wordpress plugin that would show the current conditions in our town. The plugin development started in 2013. but was stopped because of other obligations and the design of our webpage was changed so it didn’t include the plugin. This year we restarted the plugin development, and we’re finally ready to launch the first version.

Installation and settings

You can install plugin manually by:
1. copy it in plugin folder of your wordpress and extract there or
2. go to plugins area in administration, go to add new plugin, and click on upload plugin. Choose the downloaded zip file and click on upload.

After installation please make sure to setup the plugin in settings area. To show plugin on your page simply echo pdsWeather() in the designated place.

update: You can now go to widgets area in your sites administration and drag & drop the plugin to the widget area of your choice.


Version 3.1
– removed printt of the results after save
– tested on 4.5
– implement selective refresh for widget

Version 3.0
– solved more bugs
– add input field for API key to the settings area
– made sure that api key is required in order for widget to be shown
– added drag & drop widget in widgets secions

Version 2.0
– solved some bugs
– added input field for API key
– added uninstall functions
– show weather label yes/no

Version 1.1.1
-another little bug solved

version 1.1
– solving bugs
– added temperature signs (F & °C)

Version 1.0. includes:
– current conditions at setup location every hour
– show/hide conditions string
– show/hide feels like string
– show temperature(s) in degrees celsius or fahrenheit, or both
– show/hide icon
– choose between icons provided from weather underground or use weather font by erik flowers

Planned changes for version 3.x:
– current conditions checkup frequency setup

If you have some other things that you would like to include first, please write to us.


The plugin uses Weather underground API for checkup of weather conditions. It also includes weather icons font developed by Erik Flowers.


The plugin is now approved by WordPress team and is hosted on wordpress svn, o you can simply go to plugins section of your WordPress site, click add new and search for Weather
or you can download the plugin from wordpress page:

And here/s the official wordpress pdsweather page:


Please let us know if you find any bugs.

By Iva Korlevic

I'm a web programmer that started working with web pages in 2008 by programming simple HTML/CSS webpages. I finished Faculty of electrical engineering in April 2010 and started working in Inchoo in May 2010. During the time in Inchoo I worked on Zend applications, Magento stores and a few Wordpress projects. I left Inchoo in January 2012 and worked for a couple of months in Gauss Informatika as Zend teacher and team leader. In May 2012 I left Gauss Informatika and joined the team at NTH Media. For next 6 months I worked on various mobile and Wordpress projects. In the February 2013 together with MArin Blazevic I opened Proodos. I'm still continuing my work as Zend and Magento programmer.
In summer 2015 I also started to work for Webbite Media GMBH and on 19th August 2015 I passed Magento Certification Exam and am now Magento Certified Developer.

4 replies on “Weather plugin”

You need to get a lot more detailed with the installation, why build a plugin if you are the only one who knows how to use it. as far as settings go it rocks, wish i could use it.

Hi Rob,
thank you for your comment. We’re trying to make it as simple as possible. But being developers, the installation instructions are clear to us. Can you please let us know what part is confusing so we can make it better?

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