Documentation for FastSpring Cart by Proodos


FastSpring Cart plugin for Wordpress is a plugin for connecting your FastSpring account with Wordpress page. Currenty it offers you offers you cart functionality through two modes - ajax cart and normal FastSpring mode.

This plugin creates Products custom type for you and adds the needed extra fields - price and link - so all you need to do is fill in the needed data.
Also created are Products categories that you can insert into your site's menus.

During plugin activation Cart page that ajax cart uses is created as well as the Mini cart widget. Mini cart widget can be found in Appearance Widgets area. You can drop and drag the widget to the widget area of your choice. The widget is used for normal FastSpring mode - then it uses the javascript function from FastSprign documentation with link to FastSpring cart page. If ajax mode is on then it shown the products in the cart on your site.


In order to install the plugin you need a Wordpress site with which you wish to connect your FastSpring account. Also you need to register for FastSpring account.

After registering with FastSpring, remember your company id, plugin uses the company id for connecting with FastSpring and you'll need to insert it into General Settings. Also you need to create your products on your FastSpring account.

In order to automatically clear the cart after succesful order please add paramteret to return link 'order=complete' , example: href=""
Check Web fullfilment in FastSpring support article


Installation of FastSpring Cart is the same as for any Wordpress plugin. First enter admin area of your Wordpress site and go to Plugins section

  1. Click on Add new button
  2. Click on Upload plugin button
  3. Upload zip file and click on install
  4. Wait untill installation is complete and then click on Activate Plugin

And the plugin is installed. Go to FastSpring Cart settings area in order to set up your plugin.


FastSpring Cart settings area is divided into four tabs. On general tab needed information for connection with FastSpring is added. On cart settings tab you can choose the mode in which your cart will function and how your site will be connected with FastSpring. On currency tab you can choose the currency that will be used, will your site use symbol or not etc. Below are settings explained in detail.

General Settings

Here you add the most important part of information - your company id. The company id HAS to be set for pllugin to work and it MUST be the same as your FastSpring account.

If you want to use option Generating Coupon you have to set API username and password. See FastSpring User Roles

Cart Settings

There are several settings that you can setup here:

  1. Use ajax cart - do you want to use ajax cart or not. If you choose ajax cart then customer will stay on your page untill he presses Checkout button on mini cart or on cart page. Also created cart page wil be used in this case and customer will be able to see the products in cart on your site instead on FastSpring.
  2. Use bootstrap css shipped with plugin (works with ajax cart) - currenty ajax cart uses modal functionality from Bootstrap 3. You can choose not tu use the modal functionality and instead use mini cart without the popup.
  3. Customer can order only quantity 1 of one product - if customer can add ony quantity 1 of one product to cart for all the products in the store, then you choose yes.

Currency Settings

Currently you can set two basic settings:

  1. Choose currency - choose the currecy that will be used on your site
  2. Use currency symbol - use currency symbol instead of iso code for currency (i.e. $ symbol instead of USD)

Currency is shown to the left of the price. And decimal point is fullstop (.).

Generating Coupon

Now you can generate coupon code using FastSpring Cart plugin. Just set prefix and click Save button and plugin will show the generated coupon code. See Creating a Coupon with Multiple Codes


This plugin has auto update functionality built in itself. Therefore you'll see when the new version is available on your Wordpress admin area. To update this plugin to new version all you need to do is go to Plugin area and click on upgrade link.

Change log

Changes done per version:

Version 1.1.0

  • added generating coupon code

Version 1.0.0

  • added products post type
  • added products category as new taxonomy type
  • added Cart page upon plugin activation
  • added templates for cart page and product
  • added ajax cart functionality
  • added settings
  • added mini cart widget
  • added auto updates