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Magento “Wrong tab configuration ….”

I made myself this problem today, and lost a half an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. So I decided to write a blog post about it, just so I don’t forget.

I had to add new tab to order view in admin area of Magento. I did everything by the book, but for some reason, when I refreshed the order view I got an error report screen. And the report said:

a:5:{i:0;s:24:”Wrong tab configuration.”;i:1;s:2023:”#0 [internal function]: Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Widget_Tabs->addTab(‘user_upload_ima…’, ‘mymodule/sale…’)

Whaaaat?!?!?! But, but, but…. I’ve set up everything correctly! Then next half an hour I was changing this and that before I decided to open Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Widget_Tabs and put echo “here” in various places in function addTab. At the end I saw that when I dumped the $tab variable it was:


So I remembered. I didn’t have any blocks defined in this module prior to this one – have I even set up block class in my config.xml? I checked the config.xml and of course there was no block class setup.

So to solve the error. all I had to do is add this to my config.xml file:


Cheers 🙂

By Iva Korlevic

I'm a web programmer that started working with web pages in 2008 by programming simple HTML/CSS webpages. I finished Faculty of electrical engineering in April 2010 and started working in Inchoo in May 2010. During the time in Inchoo I worked on Zend applications, Magento stores and a few Wordpress projects. I left Inchoo in January 2012 and worked for a couple of months in Gauss Informatika as Zend teacher and team leader. In May 2012 I left Gauss Informatika and joined the team at NTH Media. For next 6 months I worked on various mobile and Wordpress projects. In the February 2013 together with MArin Blazevic I opened Proodos. I'm still continuing my work as Zend and Magento programmer.
In summer 2015 I also started to work for Webbite Media GMBH and on 19th August 2015 I passed Magento Certification Exam and am now Magento Certified Developer.

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