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Testing the candidates

for all those who sent us their CV’s before and on 27th May 2015. we’d like you to solve one of the two tests and bring the answer to your job interview.

1. Html/CSS test

Please download the zip file containing the materials. Then do the simple html/css web page with those materials. Doesn’t need to be fancy, just give us your idea so we can see what you know. Also HTML5 use is a bonus.
Download link: testing materials

2. Backend test

Write a code snippet that prints out (echoes) numbers from 0-100. For every number that is divisible with 3 write “three”, for every number divisible with 5 write “five”. The last number write in words on language of your choice. Please take care that there are numbers divisible with 5 and 3. You can solve this test via pseudocode, c++, php, javascript or any other programming language.

As you can see the tests are not hard to solve. Even if you don’t solve them come to your job interview.

See you on your job interview. 🙂

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We’re looking for new apprentices


If you want to learn web programming, here’s your chance! We’re looking for two apprentices to learn and work with us here in Osijek. These are the terms:

  • know how to use computer
  • foreign language (english, german, etc…) at least basic knowledge
  • be willing to use that foreign language, no matter your knowledge of it, in daily communication
  • have a degree from university – bacc., or mag., or ing., or dipl. ing., whatever
  • have no work experience

If you satisfy all of the terms, then contact us.

and here the link to official job offering:

Cheers! 🙂

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Looking for …

Programmer (m/f) on specialization without establishing employment . We preffer candidates who already know a bit about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. We’re offering comfy 🙂 work environment with specialization on various php platforms. During specialization you will work with Magento, Zend and WordPress frameworks and platforms, and learn the secrets of HTML/CSS styling 🙂 .

If interested, send us your CV and work request on email: If you have any other question, feel free to contact us. This offer is open till 22nd April 2013.

See you on your job interview!

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Hello world!

We are Proodos, a web development company from Osijek. We like Zend framework, Magento stores, WordPress blogs and cats! Join us on our blog where we write our musings and tutorials.

Proodos Team