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DLRs queueing in Kannel after being injected in http smsc

we are currently working on a kannel system that is using two kannel instances with two sqlbox instances and an php http router in the middle.

client –> opensmppbox –> sqlbox1 –> bearerbox1 –> http-router –> smsbox2 –> sqlbox2 –> bearerbox2 –> smsc

We’ve done everything according to the book. Made several adjustments along the way to fasten things up. And all was working nicely until our client got a higher traffic from his smpp client and our supplier failed to deliver some dlrs. He later delivered them via cms file but they never went through our kannel system. All of a sudden the traffic got slow, and dlrs started queuing up. Since we did a whole system revamp at that time we though that it was due to configuration. So we tried several things in order to get it fixed. At the end i found this post:

It turned out to be a problem in dlr tables. I didn’t set the indexes in dlr tables since they were created by the kannel and opensmppbox. Well, the second i set the indexes on dlr tables, traffic started flowing again.

So tip of the day:


I hope this helps someone.

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Kannel quick installation

kannel sms gateway

What is Kannel?

Kannel is an open source WAP and SMS gateway which runs on the Linux platform and provides a high level HTTP service for submitting SMS requests. It supports many protocols to connect with the SMSC and even supports the GSM modem.It is very popular because its very good performance to handle a huge SMS traffic.

Based on the results from Wapit’s test environment, we claim Kannel to be the fastest SMS and WAP gateway on the market, capable of handling several hundreds of requests per second.

This article explains how the gateway can be installed. The goal of this article is to get the gateway compiled and all the files in the correct places and one of the next articles will explain how the gateway is configured.


In this article we will use commands for Ubuntu/Debian.

    First we need to install packages:

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • sudo apt-get install bison
  • sudo apt-get install libmysqld-dev
  • sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev
    Now you can download latest version from Kannel website and unzip it to folder of your choice (e.g. /home/kannel). After extracting go to the directory where it is unzipped and run following commands:

  • sudo ./configure –with-mysql
  • sudo make
  • sudo make bindir=/kannelpath/bin install
    Next step is to install sqlbox and opensmppbox. Both are located in addons folder inside your kannel folder so you need to enter in each folder and run these three commands:

  • sudo ./configure
  • sudo make
  • sudo make install

Kannel is installed and ready for the configuration.