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FastSpring WordPress Cart

Fastspring Cart

Integrate FastSpring Cart to your WordPress page! Buy now FastSpring Cart This plugin allows you to integrate FastSpring with WordPress. It has a couple of things included: Products custom post type – post type for products is automatically generated on plugin installation, so all you need to do is fill in the needed data. Cart Read More

DLRs queueing in Kannel after being injected in http smsc

Hi, we are currently working on a kannel system that is using two kannel instances with two sqlbox instances and an php http router in the middle. client –> opensmppbox –> sqlbox1 –> bearerbox1 –> http-router –> smsbox2 –> sqlbox2 –> bearerbox2 –> smsc We’ve done everything according to the book. Made several adjustments along Read More

Kannel quick installation

kannel sms gateway

What is Kannel? Kannel is an open source WAP and SMS gateway which runs on the Linux platform and provides a high level HTTP service for submitting SMS requests. It supports many protocols to connect with the SMSC and even supports the GSM modem.It is very popular because its very good performance to handle a Read More